Welcome to Adventure Actual.  My name is Martin Upton and I am the founder of this little project with big dreams.  Now I am no Yvon Chouinard but I know a thing or two about getting out into nature and having fun while doing it.  Like Yvon, over the years I have found myself creating custom gear to suit my needs during my adventures and coaching others on how to get out there.  My hope is to create a space for others to learn and share about getting outdoors and just adventuring in general.

Adventuring outdoors is something I have been doing since I can remember doing anything.  I grew up in Colorado with a father who taught me everything he knows about the outdoors.  I had opportunities to go backpacking, snow caving, skiing, climbing, mountaineering, rafting, mountain biking, and learn a lot about how to survive outside of 4 walls before I was even 16 years old.

Then somewhere in my late teens, my trips into the wilderness died off.  Maybe it was because I was too busy chasing girls, or partying with my friends, or really just a young man adrift in life.  Regardless of the reason, I missed out on some quality years of getting out there and I regret that.

However, in my twenties, I re-discovered my love for the outdoors and used just about any excuse to go camping and hiking and snowboarding and well…anything outside.  My friends even coined the term “Adventure Time With Marty” and I have always been a storyteller.  So, I suppose I have been thinking about doing this very thing since then.  It only took me eight years or so to get going.  I’m slow, shut up.

For the unfortunate souls who have stumbled upon this blog somehow and are now reading this, know that my team and I will try to bring you the best content we can.  Content spanning from making homemade waterproof fire starters, to camping food hacks and recipes, to general fitness for outdoor activities.  There will be trip reports and how to guides and eventually gear.  Good, quality gear that has passed our beatdown of testing and that has the technical features we want in gear but still looks damn good.

We here at Adventure Actual live by the motto, “Don’t Die On The Couch.” This may seem a little morbid but the true meaning is to get up off that couch and make the time to get outside, whatever that looks like for you.  Because, even if your adventures take you to risky and dangerous places, it is better than sitting at home staring into the marketing vessel we call a television.

We live in a time when our public lands are in danger and the amount of people is increasing at a rate that even makes going car camping a challenge to find a spot.  Hopefully, this blog will arm you with knowledge and confidence to venture further off the beaten path and go the extra mile to get away from the crowds and get your blood pumping doing so.

I look forward to hearing from you, all of you.  I want to know your tips and tricks, and how well mine worked for you.  And hopefully, at some point, I want to see our gear on your backs being pushed to the limits.  #Dontdieonthecouch

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