Of Grizzlies and Geysers

Five nights, four days and 3,472 miles to explore, the world’s first national park. We were on the road early that morning with a booked campsite at Half Moon Lake, Wyoming just about eight hours outside our front door. A little gem we stumbled upon, private beach to most campsites, climbing nearby and breath-taking views […]

In Pursuit of Adventure

When we bought the tickets, I remember thinking “I better fucking learn something for almost $500 apiece.” After all, I was skeptical being a fairly experienced outdoorsman, that heading to an event specifically for introducing people to types of outdoor recreation might be a bit beneath me.  This specific event I am speaking about is […]

The Most Colorado Place on Earth

The San Juans reach out of the earth like some sort of castle spires towering over you as you drive into Telluride.  It is called the most Colorado place on Earth and you never really understand that until you see it for yourself.  I grew up in Colorado and had never visited Telluride until I […]

Maroon Death Traps

The Elk mountain range in Colorado is widely considered to be some of the most dangerous mountains in the world to climb. It isn’t their heights or even extreme weather that puts them in that category. It is the terrain. The mountains are made up of metamorphic sedimentary mudstone which easily breaks up into sharp […]

Journey to Sherwood Forest

We were only 2.5 hours into our 18-hour drive when my buddy got pulled over for speeding.  Honestly, we hadn’t even left Colorado yet and he already got lit up because he had made a wrong turn and was trying to catch up with us.  Luckily, he got off with just a ticket and nothing […]

Hustling and Giant Forests

When I asked my boss if we could go to Hustlecon I half expected him to say no, to my surprise he was all for it!  The opportunity to go learn from non-technical startup founders would be great for the team.  I knew this would apply to my day job as well as Adventure Actual. […]

Canyonlands Escape Plan

My girlfriend and I were itching for a camping trip so we decided to escape the snow and cold of the front range and trade it out for heat, red dirt, and canyon walls.  Being that Moab is only about 5 hours from my doorstep in Denver it is an easy escape plan.  My girlfriend […]