Bear Bait In Lost Creek Wilderness

  When we got to the trailhead at Lost Park Campground it was hailing.  As my buddies pulled up and rolled down their window the look on their faces was both excitement and bewilderment.  It was their first backpacking trip and they were probably thinking, “What the fuck did I get myself into.” They asked […]

Weather Proof Fire Starters

Weather Proof Fire Starters: Egg cartons and dryer lint? Damn right.  This is the recipe for the best fire starters I have ever used period.  I have used these to successfully start fires in blizzards, torrential downpours, and high wind situations.  The best part? They are made from household items that just about everyone has […]

Welcome To Adventure Actual

Welcome to Adventure Actual.  My name is Martin Upton and I am the founder of this little project with big dreams.  Now I am no Yvon Chouinard but I know a thing or two about getting out into nature and having fun while doing it.  Like Yvon, over the years I have found myself creating […]