HOLY CRAP FINALLY A GEAR REVIEW!  Car camping is fun and if you are car camping with someone special then having a double bag makes it more fun.  My girlfriend and I had been looking for a good double bag for a while but found ourselves not being impressed with the quality or the price of the available selection.  Then one day at a REI garage sale I happened upon a North Face Dolomite Double bag that had been used as a display that was too cheap to pass up and it was also cobalt blue so I pulled the trigger on it.

We have had it for some time now and have taken it on about 10 camping trips.  The bag itself is pretty light at 8lbs 4 ounces which is nice, and the ability to unzip the bag into 2 separate bags is also quite useful.  That said this is not backpacking option unless you are some kind of sick SOB who enjoys a 4+ lb sleeping bag per person!  It is marketed and rated as a 3-season bag and with a 20-degree rating, it has kept us, specifically my 97 lb girlfriend warm on most nights.  I will say that once you start creeping towards 35 degrees at night the bag does not quite hold up to its 20-degree rating, that is to say, it gets chilly without extra layers, even for me.

The bag has some excellent features like full zippers on each side and a drawcord at the top.  This makes it easy for us to hunker down on chilly nights in the Rockies and allows me to unzip my side and vent while she stays warm during our trips to southern Utah.  The bag looks great and is very comfortable inside with plenty of room for activities.   I will say that it is fairly large (59″ by 82″) and takes up much of the room in our Stoic 4-person tent so plan accordingly.

While the bag is warm and comfy and provides plenty of room for two to cuddle it does still have that slick polyester feel.  I wish The North Face had done more in the comfort feel area but you really can’t argue with the lifetime guarantee and the quality.  I will say that what you get for the price is really unmatched.  I would highly recommend this bag to any couple.  Maybe one day we can get our hands on the Big Agnes Dream Island bag and matching pad, until then this bag will do just fine.  – Martin Upton

Let’s review the pros and cons.


  • Double full-length zippers
  • Draw cord at the top
  • Warm enough for nights down to 35 degrees
  • Looks great and light weight


  • Does not hold up to the 20-degree rating                         
  • Bulky to pack down
  • Large foot print within sleeping area
  • Slippery polyester feel

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