I bought my first pair of Lems shoes over 6 years ago.  They were the 9 to 5 and I bought them specifically because they have a wide toe box and looked decent enough to wear to a business casual workplace.  They quickly became my favorite pair of shoes and I soon began to look at their other styles. They basically had their boulder boot and the primal as other options back then.  I kept saying I wished they had a hiking shoe.  Then I heard whispers that the Lems Trailhead Shoe was on its way. 

lems trailhead shoe working hard

Enter the Lems Trailhead Shoe

Well, this October my dreams came true with the release of the Lems Trailhead Shoe and they did not disappoint.  While the Lems Trailhead does have a slightly slimmer toe box and is not, in fact, a complete zero drop shoe it does still deliver a much more natural foot shape and strike than almost any other hiking shoe on the market. The more active fit Lems came up with also means I can run and workout in these while traveling without worrying about jacking up my knees like most running shoes do.

The Trailhead is a minimalist hiking shoe but it does still boast a ton of other features and I am already falling in love with.  The mountain to town outsole is super grippy on everything I have thrown at it so far. I also love the low profile tread pattern allows me to tear up the trail and also jump on my cruiser board with confidence.  While they are not waterproof I have worn these in deep snow a few times already and my feet have stayed completely dry.

lems trailhead shoe hiking

The retro styling of the shoe makes it an instant fit into almost any wardrobe.  In fact, I wear it to work as a business casual option often. It looks just as home in the office or at your local brewery as it does on a 14er or your favorite trail.  I have already gotten more compliments on this pair of shoes than any other I have worn to date. While the shoe looks great you can tell the upper is designed to take a beating and protect your feet where they need it most even boasting a 1.2 mm rock plate.  

lems trailhead shoe water resistant

While the Trailhead isn’t a zero drop shoe I should cover the fact that is only has a 4 mm heel to toe drop which is honestly not even noticeable but does decrease heel striking and promote a more natural gait.  The EVA midsole has performed beautifully so far and even though I have already logged many many miles in these my feet have yet to bark at me while wearing them, so basically they are really comfortable.

 Lems Trailhead Shoe tailgating

These have become my default go-to sneaker for just about everything now.  I can honestly say the Lems Trailhead Shoes are quiver killers and I am stoked to see how many shoes I can get rid of with these guys.  I am also excited to see what is up next for Lems as I know this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Overall Impressions of the Lems Trailhead Shoe:

  • Amazing styling that you can wear up a mountain or to the office
  • Sticky sole that performs on uneven trails, on a skateboard, and brewery floors
  • Quiver killers that allow you to only pack one pair of shoes when traveling
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • All around protection for your feet
  • Water resistant and perform well in snow/ice

Only Con so far?  The narrower toe box, which is still wider than most hiking shoes out there.  

My Vote?  Buy them, thank me later.  Head here www.Lems.com and scoop them up on their current sale.  

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