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I like reducing the amount of gear I have to take on any adventure.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE gear, but when I have a piece of gear that can transcend multiple activities I participate in I am all about it.  This is exactly why I love the new Lems Mesa shoes so much. The following is a review of my honest impressions of the shoe after wearing them and beating them up for 2 months now, not just a few days of initial impressions you get with other reviews.  

When I first pulled my new pair of Lems Mesa shoes out of the box one word came to mind, light, and at just under 10 ounces they are light, not unlike Lems’ other shoes such as the Boulder Boot or the Primal 2.  I also noticed that the Mesas looked like they are ready for just about any adventure you could throw at them. With the full rubber outsole and a tread pattern the same as the Trailhead, these shoes excel at everything from a long hiking trip to a workout in the gym.  Another feature they share with the Trailhead is the 4mm drop, so not a zero drop shoe like some of their others but when you consider most other shoes have a 12mm drop, 4mm is much better.  

The quality that really stands out on these Mesa shoes is the knit mesh upper.  They are super breathable and fit almost like a sock on your foot. The mesh wraps your foot for a perfect fit, vents amazingly well on hot days, and dries quickly when you get them wet.  You can 100% wear these without socks and not worry about stinky feet. Personally tested and confirmed. The mesh is similar to other mainstream shoes out there that Nike and adidas have but Lems mesh upper feels better made, and honestly, it probably is. 

The upper also features some strategic TPU support making these shoes capable of tackling a 14er or a nice run on a trail or city street.   With that said they are good looking enough to hit the brewery when you get back to town. Lems is really nailing this mountain to town thing. I like the direction they are taking with their new shoes and they are doing some great functional design work in this new series.  The Mesas are also super flexible making them easy to stuff in a suitcase or backpacking pack and head out with an extra pair of shoes sacrificing very little real estate. I have had these shoes for about 3 months now and have taken them absolutely everywhere. They are either on my feet or in my bag for every trip this summer so far.  They have been on trails, scrambling over rock, served as my approach shoes, and even been my gym shoe for some time now.

Lems is quietly crushing their competition by putting out very high-quality shoes at a great price.  They are all multi-faceted and feature a wider than normal toe box without looking like a clown shoe.  I would highly encourage you, as I do all my friends to go pick up a pair. I see the new Trailhead also got a wider toe box so I may just have to pick up a pair of those now too.  My closet is starting to look like a Lems commercial. If you have any questions about any of their shoes I am happy to give you my honest opinion. While I received these shoes as a part of a promotional agreement I have with Lems all opinions are my own. 

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