If you are reading this then it is no secret to you that spending time outdoors makes most humans feel good.  It is good for humans to unplug and disappear into nature for a few days to decompress and can leave you feeling amazing.  Spending time with your significant other in the woods can amplify that effect and here are some of the reasons why.

  1. Everything you need is in your backpack.

The freedom this brings is incredible. Having to carry everything you actually need to survive for the next 2, 3, or 4 days makes you and your partner really take care to only bring the essentials, and in the process, you learn about your partner’s willingness to leave behind certain creature comforts and what they can not live without.

  1. Strengthen your bond.

Backpacking with your loved one forces you to rely on each other. Having to pack for a joint trip means sharing the load.  Splitting up your tent, food, and water to balance things out helps strengthen your bond.  Relying on each other while out on the trail with the things you packed together strengthens it even more.  You actually have to do everything together, pitch the tent, get a fire going, cook your meals, gather water, and get up and back on the trail in the morning. The teamwork leads to comradery and lets you learn what you can and can not count on your partner to do.

  1. Backpacking gets you away from it all.

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can add up. Want your little stupid problems to melt away?  Get into the outdoors.  Want your seemingly BIG problems to melt away? Go backpacking.  We live in an age where information comes at us a million times a day.  There is the constant distraction of our phones and televisions, our demanding work schedules, bosses who want us to work more and more hours, and family and friend commitments.  When you are miles away from the closest cell tower none of that matters.  No one can reach you but the person you are with and this allows you to focus on the conversations you two are having.

  1. Improve your mental health and boost your creativity.

It has been studied and proven that getting outdoors is good for your mental health but not just for the fact that you have to unplug.  Spending time outdoors can enchase your emotional wellbeing.  It has also been proven that even a short walk outside can boost your mood so just think what a 2-day backpacking trip can do.  Physical activity outdoors can enhance your creative abilities all while reducing stress levels and improve your memory and concentration levels.   Sharing these experiences and revelations with your loved one can lead to an even stronger relationship and who knows maybe you’ll both get inspired to start a business together!

  1. Backpacking gets you off the beaten path.

Most importantly it gets you away from others creating many more romantic moments. Because backpacking does require self-reliance and some physical fitness you typically get out to areas and on trails where you don’t see many other people if any at all.  Being truly alone for 2 or 3 days with your loved one can lead to some romantic moments in romantic places with romantic scenery.

  1. Degrease stress levels and allow you to talk through potential problems together.

As mentioned before backpacking can decrease your stress levels allowing you to connect with your partner and dig deep into your relationship together.  While you both enjoy lower stress levels, no distractions, and so much alone time it is a perfect time to work through problems you may be experiencing as a couple.  Suddenly issues like someone leaving the toilet seat up or squeezing the toothpaste a certain way seem pointless to argue about and allow you to dig deeper into your connection.

  1. Improve your fitness together.

Getting out with a 30 lb pack on your back is no walk in the park.  You will be making demands of your body it doesn’t frequently have to respond to.  You will be getting plenty of vitamin D, fresh air, and strengthening your immune system but it won’t be easy.  Sharing hardship with a loved one has been proven to strengthen relationships and trekking around 10 miles will allow you to tap into this relationship building potential without too much worry of danger. Besides, don’t they say the couple that trains together stays together?

  1. It brings out your partner’s true character.

Challenging your sensibility, resourcefulness, physical fitness, and determination all while in the middle of nowhere can also test your relationship.  While my hope and studies point towards the fact that it should bring you closer to your partner it may also reveal character flaws that would have otherwise gone unnoticed in everyday city life.  These character flaws may be something the two of you can work out together during your trip or even afterward or, they may lead the two of you to decide that being just friends is a better idea.  You can thank me later.


  1. Create and share unique and unforgettable moments.

You will likely be experiencing very unique and one of a kind moments together and what better stories to tell later in your relationship.  Seeing wildlife for the first time, building a fire together, watching a sunrise or sunset with only the chirping of birds in the background.  Learning one of you is great at breaking down the tent while the other loves to whip up breakfast.  All these little moments can lead to some bigger ones which will strengthen your relationship years into the future and are much better gifts to one another than some jewelry or a new tie.

  1. It will open your mind.

Backpacking will allow you and your partner to discover things about each other and yourselves that you did not know existed.  I have never looked back on a backpacking trip and said “that sucked” and when I share the experience with someone else like my significant other you look back on your time with fond memories together.  It will show you what you are truly capable of and remind you why you fell in love with your significant other.

Why post a backpacking article in the middle of winter?  Well, one its about being a better couple and it is Valentine’s day you dummy, go get some flowers, and two because you should start planning your spring backpacking trip RIGHT NOW!  If backpacking is a bit too much for the two of you right now then try a car camping trip and experience 7 or 8 of the above or at least go for a damn hike and get off your couch. -MU

Shout out to the best adventure partner and photographer I know Alexis Ortega.

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