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The Adventure Actual team is all about getting out and giving back to the wilderness we enjoy.  Headquartered in Denver Colorado we want to help you escape the 9 to 5, get outside, take some new risks, have some type 2 fun, and make it back in time for a happy hour beer at your local brewery.  We live by a calling to, “Don’t Die on the Couch.”

Be sure to check out our shop and pick up a t-shirt.  We donate 1% of all sales to Washington State University’s Honey Bees + Pollinators research project.  They are partnering with Paul Stamets and Fungi Perfecti to protect honey bees and pollinators. Their effort supports research on how fungi can help honey bees. It is very interesting stuff and we recommend you check them out.

If you are looking for tips on making your trip into the wilderness more comfortable or survivable I suggest checking out our Backcountry Tips page.

We get an opportunity to test a lot of gear and if you are interested in learning more about what we have been trying to break lately then please check out our Gear Reviews site.

Be sure to check out the Trip Report section of the site to learn what the Adventure Actual crew has been up to lately and get insider tips on the locations we have visited.

Finally, you can read about our support of the Honey Bees + Pollinators project at WSU and why we support it along with how to leave less of an impact on this planet while you are out in the wilderness on our Conservation and Environmentalism page.

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Leave No Trace Revisited

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